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Hi, I'm Tommy and I would love to be your birding guide.  Birding is my favorite thing to do and I enjoy helping others find those species they are looking for.  I have been birding since I was 13 years of age, but I really seriously got into it in 2009.  In 2009, I got hooked on birding and I constantly want to be out in the field to see and learn more.  Birding is fun to me for many reasons.  One is because I can see a variety of different species without going too far from home, and also have a chance at finding something unusual or rare on any given day.  I like the fact that most birds can be identified by their song, and I love to stand in one place and record as many species as possible that I hear (I guess that's the reason why I have big ears!).  Some birds are easy to see, and others are a challenging journey to see.  Birding is fun and challenging on just about every level, and that is why I love it so much!  Whether looking for birds in a city park or hiking on a remote wilderness trail, the birding is always great.  I enjoy helping other birders find the species they would love to see.  Helping someone get their very first look at a bird, also known as a "LIFER", also makes me feel like I'm getting a lifer due to the fact I'm greatful I got to find it for them.  I have decided to start guiding so I can spend more time birding, helping others find birds that they would love to see, and trying to have a job that I've always dreamed of. 

My main area of specialty is in Maricopa County, or in other words, the Phoenix area.  I have actively birded in Maricopa County since I seriously got into Arizona birding.  I spent two years in the County doing Big Years, where I tried to find as many species as possible during two different calander years.  Over the years, I have also traveled and explored almost all of Maricopa County's birding locations and wilderness areas for different projects I have worked on.  The diverse county of Maricopa has had nearly 450 different bird species found and documented in it's diverse habitats that range from the hottest deserts to pine and fir forests that exceed 7000'.  Folks, the Phoenix area isn't entirely covered in cacti!  If you want to bird in Phoenix and aren't familiar with the area, please hire me.  I would love to help you find your target bird!  Over the years, one of the Maricopa Birding projects I have worked on is this online guide to the birds and birding locations that are found in Maricopa County.  If you want to find a list of target birds or locations you would like to visit during our birding outing, take a look at the bird and location finder here:  Birding in Maricopa County


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