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Because I am new to guiding, this isn't my full time job yet.  However, I will try to be available for as many days as I can.  I currently work another job at a hospital, and I am still under their schedule.  I post dates that are available for my Birding Expeditions ahead of time, and I ask if you want to go on an Expedition, please let me know as soon as possible.  Take a look at the dates that say I am available for a two week stretch coming up on the calendar.  Please have your requests in a week before that two week stretch starts.  For any dates in the future beyond any noted dates, place any request you have!


Available-Definite:  I'm available to guide you!

Available-Tentative:  I'm available for requests that day, but have your requests in in advance.  I will try and meet as many requests as I can.  Because I have to work another job during the week, I am limited.  I am trying to be available for 3-4 days a week for Birding Expeditons.

Pending-I'm waitng for my definate schedule.  When I know, I will post when I am available.

X:  Unavailable

Blank:  Future dates are blank, unless otherwise noted.  Please put your request in if you have one!

NOTE:  I am currently in the process of obtaining a permit from the Tonto National Forest for guiding.  Until that permit is obtained, I won't be able to guide on the Tonto National Forest's lands.  Hopefully I can have that permit soon!

To access the Calendar, please look below:

For all requests, please email me at:  (I use Google and have an account, but I don't use the email part of it).


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