Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Lower River Road Ponds

Fast Flight Facts

Target Species:  Different waterbirds throughout the year

Elevation: 870'

Habitat:  Two medium sized ponds roadside

Overall Birding Rating: 2

Difficulty: 1 (Easy)

Birding Type: Stopping and Scanning

Facilities:  None

Fees/Ownership:  None/Private Property

Closest Town or City/How far from Phoenix:  Paloverde /36 miles southwest of Phoenix

Getting there:  Roadside at the south end of Lower River Road

Overview:  The Lower River Road Ponds, that are located in the Palo Verde Area southwest of Phoenix along Lower River Road, offer good birding opportunities and are a reasonable and close spot to bird at if birding in the general Arlington area or the Thrasher Spot.  The water levels vary at the Lower River Road Ponds, but in season these ponds can be attractive to shorebirds, waterfowl, and gulls.  The surrounding fields have numerous raptors and species that favor the agricultural fields. 

Waterfowl and waterbirds seen here have included Snow Goose, American Wigeon, Mallard, Cinnamon Teal, Canvasback, Redhead, Lesser Scaup, Red-breasted Merganser, Eared Grebe, Western Grebe, Double-crested Cormorant, Great Blue Heron, Great, Snowy, and Cattle Egrets; Green Heron, White-faced Ibis, and American Coot.  If the pond levels are low, the ponds will attract migrating shorebirds.  The fields and surrounding area can be excellent for raptors, and Osprey are commonly seen near the ponds.  This location is also a good place to observe different swallow species. 

Directions: Take the I-10 freeway west to the Highway 85 exit.  Take the Highway 85 south for 4.2 miles and then turn west on W. Baseline Road.  Continue west on Baseline Road for 2.9 miles.  Turn south onto S. Palo Verde Road for a mile before turning west onto W. Lower River Road.  Take W. Lower River Rd west to the ponds which standout from the road and are very noticeable.  The ponds are located between Palo Verde and Bruner Roads if on Lower River Road.  By following my directions if birding strictly from the Old U.S. Highway 80, the ponds can be reached from that point as well.


Lower River Road Ponds Map

Lower River Road Ponds eBird Data


Scenes and Sights from Lower River Road Ponds:


Birdlife of the Lower River Road Ponds:

Herring Gull (rare in Maricopa County)


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