Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Area 8-Arlington to Gila Bend

Thrashers and raptors and cranes, oh my!  That is the perfect phrase to summarize this area in a short description.  This area is home to the "Thrasher Spot", a creosote and mesquite, open and low brush dominated desert habitat that is famous in the United States for viewing the Le Conte's Thrasher, as well as several other thrasher species.  Not only is this area great for thrashers, but most of the area is agricultural fields, which are the wintering homes for an abundant number of different raptors.  Any day in this area will produce excellent raptor viewing opportunities.  The area is also wintering ground for several hundred Sandhill Cranes, which are very hard to find elsewhere in Maricopa County, a tall bird that is always memorable to see.  Shorebirds and other waterbirds favor this area, which has good viewing points along the Gila River in spots, along with many ponds, and flooded fields.  For a relaxing day of "car birding", this place represents itself as that, where most of the day the birder won't have to leave the comfort of a vehicle.  Come and explore this area, from Arlington to Gila Bend!

Birding Locations:

Robbins Butte Wildlife Area (eBird)

Hazen Road

Old U.S. Highway 80

The "Thrasher" Spot at Baseline Road/Salome Highway (eBird)

Lower River Road Ponds (eBird)

Arlington Wildlife Area (eBird)

Gillespie Dam (eBird)

Gila Bend Wastewater Treatment Plant (eBird)

Gila Bend Sewage Ponds (eBird)

Paloma Ranch (eBird)

Painted Rock Dam Road/Painted Rock Reservoir (eBird)


Area Species List:

Area Species List


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