Tommy J. DeBardeleben

The Story of TOBY (Tommy's Owl Big Year)


The Story of Toby

By Tommy John DeBardeleben, 2016



Chapter 1:  The Great Owls of the Far North

Chapter 2:  Entertaining a Crazy Idea

Chapter 3:  The Decision

Chapter 4:  Growing Whiskers For the Owl Big Year

Chapter 5:  Back to the Desert to Search For a Rare Owl

Chapter 6:  Tiny But A Huge Deal

Chapter 7:  Spotted and Dotted with Owls and Another Huge Decision

Chapter 8:  Screeching Into Minnesota and Back

Chapter 9:  The Tiny Owl of the High Pines

Chapter 10:  Four Incredible Owls in A Night and A Morning

Chapter 11:  The Boreal Owl

Chapter 12:  Fun With The Locals

Chapter 13:  TOBY Goes To North Dakota

Chapter 14:  Preparation For That Last One

Chapter 15:  The Boreal Owl-Part Two

Chapter 16:  In The Company of Northern Spotted Owls

Chapter 17:  The Boreal Owl-Part Three

Chapter 18:  Still More Owls To See..




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