Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Tempe Town Lake Maps

*All maps property of Google.


Map # 1:  Overlook of Tempe Town Lake

For directions to Tempe Town Lake, this will include a few sets of directions.  1.)  These directions pertain to exploring Tempe Town Lake more in depth, as if starting from the very east end adjacent to Tempe Town Marketplace, where the excellent marsh overlook is located.  From the Tempe Town Marketplace, one could explore the marsh and continue west for two miles on the south side of the lake.  It is a nice walk, and the potential is great for different waterbirds.  From the south end of the Loop 202 (Red Mountain Freeway), take S. McClintock Drive south a short distance for 0.3 miles to the Tempe Town Marketplace, located on the east side of S. McClintock Drive, just north of Rio Salado Parkway.  Go to the north end of the parking lot and park by the marsh overlook.  Get out and bird!  Continue west of McClintock (cross at the stoplight) to explore the rest of Tempe Town Lake.  If coming from the Loop 101, take the University Dr. exit west for one mile to McClintock Drive.  Head north on McClintock Drive for 0.7 miles to the turnoff to the marketplace, on the east side of McClintock (after passing Rio Salado Blvd, which is south of Tempe Town Marketplace).  2.)  Another good way to access Tempe Town Lake's south side is by taking Rio Salado Parkway to different stops and locations along the lake.  Take the Rio Salado exit from Loop 202 (just south of the Loop 101 and 202 intersections) and continue west to different spots along the lake. 

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