Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Seven Springs Wash Maps

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Directions:  From the east side of the loop 101, take the Pima Exit and then Pima Road north for 12 miles until the intersection of Pima and Cave Creek Roads meet.  Then take Cave Creek Road east for four miles until the road turns into Seven Springs Road.  It becomes Seven Springs Road after the turnoff to the Cave Creek Ranger Station, which is where the daily passes may be purchased.  Once it becomes Seven Springs Road, head north for 12 miles (after a short distance it becomes all dirt road) to the Seven Springs Recreation Area.  The are two main entrances to Seven Springs Wash: the first entrance to Seven Springs Wash is located a mile east of the Seven Springs Recreation Area, and the west end of the Wash is located at the entrance to the Seven Springs Recreation Area.  These are the two main spots to access the wash, with the east side being the best choice.  If coming north on Seven Springs Road, there is a noticable sign between mile markers 11 and 12 reading, "Seven Springs Wash".  Continue west past this sign a short distance.  The wash will start to be noticable from the road, as the high trees in the narrow canyon will be very obvious.  There is a pulloff of the road shortly after passing the "Seven Springs Wash" sign.  Park here and you'll find a fenced area with an opening allowing access to the very east end of the wash.


Map #1:  A close overview of Seven Springs Wash. 

The green line shows the complete path of the wash.  The "A" is the best and most recommended access point.  Less bushwacking is required at this point if wanting the walk the wash a shorter distance.  The alternative access point, highlighted by "B" is very dense at first and hard to access.  This will require the Tonto National Forest six dollar pass to park at this spot. 


Map # 2: Seven Springs Wash and Seven Springs Recreation Area overview


Map # 3: Distant overview of the area, starting with the Cave Creek Ranger Station to the south, and continuing the the Seven Springs Recreation Area to the very north.

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