Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Seven Springs Recreation Area Map

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Map # 1: Overview of Seven Springs Road to access the Seven Springs Recreation Area.  (The green path shows Seven Springs Road)

To Seven Springs: From the east side of the loop 101, take the Pima Exit and then Pima Road north for 12 miles until the intersection of Pima and Cave Creek Roads meet.  Then take Cave Creek Road east for four miles until the road turns into Seven Springs Road.  It becomes Seven Springs Road after the turnoff to the Cave Creek Ranger Station, which is where the daily passes may be purchased.  Once it becomes Seven Springs Road, head north for 12 miles (after a short distance it becomes all dirt road) to the Seven Springs Recreation Area.


Map # 2:  A closer overview of the Seven Springs Recreation Area

This map shows some of the main birding areas and locations to access different sections of Seven Springs Recreation Area.  The entire area has good birding.  As shown in the above map, the green represents Seven Springs Road.  The light-blue line represents Seven Springs Wash (which will be a separate birding hotspot on this website).  The red line represents trail #4 which is accessed from the Cave Creek Trailhead, one of the better birding stretches along this recreation area.  The yellow thumbnails all have good birding as well, bird well north of the group camping and picnic site as well.

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