Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Red Mountain Park Maps

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Map # 1:  Getting to Red Mountain Park.

Red Mountain Park is located in Mesa and the birding area of this park is surrounded by the following boundary roads:  Sun Valley Boulevard on the west, Brown Road on the north, 80th Street on the east, and Adobe Street on the south.  The park is best accessed from Brown Road, by taking Sun Valley Boulevard south a short distance to the parking lot.  If continuing on Brown Road past Sun Valley Blvd. a short distance east, parking is accessed from Brown more at the east side of the park.  The closest freeway to this park is the Loop 202 (Red Mountain Freeway).  Take the Brown Road exit and then head west on Brown Road for 1.2 miles to Sun Valley Boulevard.  For another route, Red Mountain Park is also accessed easily from taking Brown Road east towards the park or Power Road north to Brown Road.  Sun Valley Boulevard is only 0.7 miles east of Power Road.


Map # 2:  A close up look at Red Mountain Park.

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