Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Power and Guadalupe Road Pond

 Fast Flight Facts

Target Species:  Waterbirds during the year, migrants

Elevation: 1500'

Habitat:  Rural pond in midst of buildings, surrounded by tall trees (including willows)

Overall Birding Rating: 2

Difficulty: 1 (Easy)

Birding Type: Get Out and Scan

Facilities:  Parking

Fees/Ownership:  None/Golf Course Pond

Closest Town or City/How far from Phoenix:  Gilbert and Mesa /23 miles southeast of Phoenix

Getting there:  Northwest corner of Power and Guadalupe Road (parking available in business parking lots on west side of Power, just north of Guadalupe)

Overview:  This golf course pond is a short distance east of Gilbert Water Ranch and is an important place to stop at and look for waterbirds.  Various ducks, cormorants, herons, Osprey, and shorebirds are among the species to be observed here throughout the year.  The pond has water levels that are suitable for a variety of ducks, shallow water on the edges for shorebirds and wading herons, and water deep enough for hungry Ospreys.  Tall trees also line the pond in places, with a fair amount of willows.  This location is also worth checking for different migrants in season with the tall trees surrounding the pond.  Because of it's placement and closeness to the Gilbert Water Ranch, this pond should be considered to be checked on often for birders visiting the water ranch.

Birding Tip:  This pond is most easily accessed by parking in the businesss parking lot that is on the west side of Power Road, which is just north of Guadalupe Road.  Once parking here, it is easy to view the pond and walk along it's eastern perimeter.  The pond is surrounded by buildings and the property of others, be sure to maintain good behavior. 

Directions:  The easiest way to get to the pond at Power and Guadalupe Road is to take the US 60 (Superstiton Freeway) to the Power Road exit.  Once exiting on Power Road, head south on Power Road for 1.3 miles.  Just north of Guadalupe Road is Monterey Avenue, which is at a convenient stoplight.  Make a right (west) on Monterey Avenue, which leads into the parking lot of a business area.  This is at the northwest corner of Power and Guadalupe Roads.  Park here in an uncovered parking space on the west end of the parking lot.  The eastern border of this pond is alongside Power Road.  Stay on this east side, as access is not permitted on the west side of the pond.  From the parking lot, walk along the east side of the pond (refer to Map # 3 on this page for appropriate boundaries to walk along the pond).  Also, this pond is very close and is a simple drive from the famous Gilbert Water Ranch.  If birding at Gilbert Water Ranch, this pond is worth stopping at to check for birds throughout the year.  From Gilbert Water Ranch (Greenfield and Guadalupe) head on Guadalupe Road east for 2.7 miles.  At Power Road, turn left (north) and make a left shortly after turning on Power Road, at the first stoplight, which is Monterey Avenue. 


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Reddish Egret in 2012 (Rare in Arizona)


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