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North County Road 1126


Scenes from North County Road 1126


Maps of North County Road 1126

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Map # 1-This map shows how to access this area from main County Road 1126 (see previous hotspot and directions on driving to the end of public vehicle access).  Once reaching the end of County Road 1126's main public vehicle route, park and continue north on the road past the gate and cabins.  Once reaching the Little Colorado River Sanitary District, continue north into open grasslands and walk through the grasslands or follow paths to reach the rocky bluffs where Montezuma Quail are found.  See the third map of this area for a closer overview, which can be found further below this map.  This hike is about 2.5 miles one way.


Map # 2-This map illustrates how North C.R. 1126 is accessed from River Reservoir Dam.  Once past the dam, walk on the path north and go through the gate (be sure to put back in place when done).  Follow an old road to the west and then north about a fourth-of-a-mile to County Road 1126, and then proceed north to get to the grassland and rocky bluff areas by the Little Colorado Sanitary District.  This hike is a little over two miles one way.


Map # 3-Once getting further north on Road 1126 and passing the building for the Little Colorado River Sanitary District, proceed north on dirt paths through the area to eventually work the way out to the rocky bluffs and overlook of the South Fork Valley to the north below.  There is a fence that circles the area, but there are openings the fences at the corner perimeters if one doesn't want to go over or under the fence at a point.  To really access the bluffs, one will need to go through the fence openings to increase chances of seeing Montezuma Quail in the rocky bluff areas.


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