Tommy J. DeBardeleben

North Blue River Road


Bird Photographs

Cordilleran Flycatcher

Cordilleran Flycatcher sitting on nest which is on a draingage bank

Northern Pygmy-Owl (recently fledged)

Painted Redstart


Location Photographs


North Blue River Road Maps

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Map # 1:  Shows Alpine, Highway 180, Luna Lake, and the general route of North Blue River Road.  Apache County, Greenlee County, and the New Mexico state line are also shown.

Map # 2

Creek and Road Overview:  Turkey Creek runs north-south along Blue River Road before it runs into Campbell Blue Creek.  Campbell Blue Creek is accessed at Blue River Road's intersection with Luce Ranch Road.  From here, Campbell Blue Creek runs east-west along Blue River Road before it flows into the Blue River shortly into New Mexico.  At one point Campbell Blue Creek crosses Blue River Road north of the Blue River and may be impassable at times.


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