Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Granite Reef Recreation Site Maps

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Map # 1: Overview of the Granite Reef Recreation Site

Regular Parking: Shows where the general parking lot is for Granite Reef, which costs six dollars to purchase a parking permit for the Tonto National Forest Recreation Sites, which is what the Lower Salt River Recreation Site is on.

Additional Parking:  Is a great option for birding the Granite Reef Recreation Site, especially if you only want to bird Granite Reef out of the Salt River sites.  This dirt parking pulloff is not part of the actual Granite Reef Recreation Site, so it doesn't require a fee. 

Lime-green line:  Illustrates the general birding area throughout the recreation sites, which is about a mile in length, starting at the additional parking all the way west to the dam lookout.

A:  Dam Viewing Area-an excellent lookout spot, which provides great views of the river both ways.  This is the best bet for viewing waterfowl, which congregate in high numbers along the dam.

B: Granite Reef Dam.


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