Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Greer-Little Colorado River (1st/North Crossing)


Bird shots from the 1st Little Colorado River crossing in Greer

Gray Catbirds

Yellow-breasted Chat

Western Tanager

Black-headed Grosbeak


Location Scenes:


eBird Link: Greer--Little Colorado River (north crossing)


Greer-1st Little Colorado (northmost) Crossing Maps

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Map # 1-Birding the Little Colorado River 1st Crossing west of 373

The trail here on the west side of 373 can be walked for a fourth-of-a-mile.  Bird it slowly for best results.  The area north of the trail and west of the trail after a fourth-mile are on private property, be sure to respect it.  Look below for a map of the trail and area for this crossing on the east side of 373.


Map # 2-Birding the Little Colorado River 1st Crossing in Greer on east side of 373

Park in the same spot as mentioned above and follow the trail on the south side of the Little Colorado River for a half-mile.  It ends at River Reservoir.  Private property isn't an issue on this side of 373.


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