Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Kokopelli Golf Club Ponds

Fast Flight Facts

Target Species:  Water birds

Elevation: 1200'

Habitat:  Two ponds at golf courses

Overall Birding Rating: 1

Difficulty: 1 (Easy)

Birding Type:  Walking and scanning

Facilities:  Parking

Fees/Ownership:  None, golf course

Closest Town or City/How far from Phoenix:  Gilbert /15 miles southeast of Phoenix

Getting there:  Pull off into the golf course parking area from Guadalupe Road

Overview:  Two large ponds are found at the Kokopelli Golf Club that is on the north side of Guadalupe Road in Gilbert.  This golf club is private property, but these two ponds can easily be viewed from the sidewalk alongside Guadalupe Road.  One pond is on the west side of the golf club parking lot, while the other is on the east side.  The west pond seems to get more birds.  Waterbirds in good numbers are found here annually, and this is a good location to check when in the Gilbert area.  Horned Grebes have been found here several times.  Gilbert Water Ranch lies only five miles east of this location.

Birding Tip:  Respect the golf club property and don't trespass onto the course.  Scan from the sidewalk, a scope is recommended.  Parking can be found just west of the course in business parking areas accessed from Fiesta Blvd. or just west of Fiesta Blvd.  You can also park in the very south side of the golf parking lot (use only if the parking lot isn't too full). 

Directions:  These ponds can be accessed by several different freeways.  If on the US 60 (Superstition Freeway), take the Country Club Dr. exit and then head south on Country Club Drive for 1.5 miles to Guadalupe Road.  Turn east (left) at Guadalupe for 0.7 miles to the golf club.  Another way to access these ponds would be from the Loop 101 at the Guadalupe Road exit.  Take the exit and head east on Guadalupe Road for 3.7 miles.  Gilbert Water Ranch is also a good way to access the ponds at the golf course, which is 5 miles east of Kokopelli Golf Club on Guadalupe Road.


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