Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Kokopelli Golf Club Ponds Maps

*All maps property of Google.


Map # 1:  Getting to the Kokopelli Golf Club.

These ponds can be accessed by several different freeways.  If on the US 60 (Superstition Freeway), take the Country Club Dr. exit and then head south on Country Club Drive for 1.5 miles to Guadalupe Road.  Turn east (left) at Guadalupe for 0.7 miles to the golf club.  Another way to access these ponds would be from the Loop 101 at the Guadalupe Road exit.  Take the exit and head east on Guadalupe Road for 3.7 miles.  Gilbert Water Ranch is also a good way to access the ponds at the golf course, which is 5 miles east of Kokopelli Golf Club on Guadalupe Road.


Map # 2:  A closer view of the ponds at the Kokopelli Golf Club.

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