Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Jack Burden Road Maps

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The town of Wickenburg is reached by taking the US 60 northwest of Phoenix for about 50 miles.  To find Jack Burden Road, continue through town until the McDonald's is reached on the north side of the 60.  This point is just east of the US 60 and 93 intersection.  Jack Burden Road is barely east of the McDonald's.  Turn north on Jack Burden Road and continue to proceed north, birding along the road.  The pull off to Blue Tank is found after traveling north for 1.2 miles on Jack Burden Road.  Once getting to that intersection, head west on the dirt road and park.  Explore the area north for the best birding results.  Be very careful of loose sand if traveling more of the dirt roads.

Map 1:  Getting to Jack Burden Road


Map 2:  The best birding at Jack Burden Road

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