Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Hayden Nature Park

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Map # 1:  Getting to the Hayden Nature Park.

The easiest way to access the Scottsdale area and Hayden Nature Park would be from the Loop 101 (Pima Freeway).  Take either Indian Bend Road or McDonald Drive west from the 101 to Hayden Road.  For an easier route to access the park, take McDonald 1.2 miles west from the 101 to Hayden.  Head north on Hayden for almost a mile.  Turn into the parking area on the east side of Hayden after crossing the canal (where the Nature Park is).  This is part of a shopping center, where an Albertson's is located.  Park at the south side of the parking lot.  Follow the path by the Hayden Road bridge that leads across the golf course to the south, which the nature park will be immediately south of the golf course.  There is a restroom and several drinking fountains.  Paved paths under the bridge make it easy to access the habitat on the west side of Hayden Road also.  The park is also just north of the canal system.  If taking the Indian Bend Road exit from the 101, head west for 1.5 miles.  Look for the shopping center with the Albertson's, which is at the southeast corner of the Hayden and Indian Bend Road Intersection.  This is a very busy intersection, so finding this shopping center that includes an Albertson's grocery store is the best way to locate the park. 


Map # 2:  Closer view of Hayden Nature Park.

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