Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Greer Lakes


Bird shots from the Greer Lakes:

Ospreys commonly are observed at these lakes.  This bird chose to nest right by the road one year.  With the exception of this bird, keep observations of nesting Ospreys to a respectable and safe distance.  They are sensitive birds at their nesting site.

Pygmy Nuthatch

Rufous Hummingbird

Canada Geese

Mountain Bluebird-This MOBL at Bunch Reservoir had a bill deformity.  It got the nickname, "Mountain Blueshrike".

Young Western Bluebird

Young Mountain Bluebird


Scenes from Greer Lakes:

River Reservoir

South side of River Reservoir (at times the southern half of the lake is drained)

Tunnel Reservoir


Greer Lakes on eBird


Greer Lakes Map

*Map property of Google Earth

Map Legend:  The black line/path is Highway 373.  The blue line/path is Greer Lakes Rd., which accesses the three reservoirs.  The lime green path/lines are roads that separately reach Tunnel and Bunch Reservoirs.  "P's" indicated parking lots.  By looking at the southeastern end of River Reservoir, another parking area is shown.  To access that section of River Reservoir, see the County Road 1126 hotspot.


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