Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Greer-County Road 1126


Avian Life from Road 1126

Northern Saw-whet Owl:  The Northern Saw-whet Owl is usually a very difficult owl to detect, especially after March and April when birds are usually done calling which is advertised by continuous "toots".  One may get lucky enough to hear it's saw-whetting or "saw-sharpening" call throughout the year if in the right places. 

Olive-sided Flycatchers:  These Olive-sided Flycatchers were viewed south and above of Road 1018 right off of Road 1126.  This spot has consistently been a reliable one for getting good looks at this flycatcher, a flycatcher that usually tends to perch up very high and in seemingly distant places.  Seeing a family up close with fledglings being fed is a cool experience.

Steller's Jay

Green-tailed Towhee

Western Wood-Pewee

Spotted Sandpiper

Hairy Woodpeckers


Scenes from Road 1126


Greer-County Road 1126 Maps

*Maps are owned by Google Earth.

Map # 1:  County Road 1126 Overview

Map # 2:  A closer look at the eastern side and ending stretches of County Road 1126.

This shows a closer look at birding spots to access at the end of public transportation access of County Road 1126 (see directions for Road 1126).  Further north on this road will have to be traveled on by foot from either here or an access point north of River Reservoir.  (See next hotspot on main Greer page).


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