Tommy J. DeBardeleben

White Mountain Grasslands Wildlife Area


Birds of Grasslands Wildlife Area

Canyon Towhee

Townsend's Solitaire (juvenile)

Blue Grosbeak

Burrowing Owl


Scenes from Grasslands Wildlife Area


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Grasslands Wildlife Area Maps

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Map # 1

To get to Grasslands Wildlife Area, turn north on the road for the sign indicating Refuse Transfer Station on Highway 260 between milemarkers 391 and 392.  Take the paved road to the Transfer Station shortly north and then shortly west for a total of .6 mile on pavement.  Then take the dirt road that veers off to the west from this Transfer Station road at 0.6 mile.  The road to the Grasslands WA runs for 2.8 miles.

Map # 2

Overview of area and route to Grasslands Wildlife Area.

Map # 3

This map shows a closer overview of Grasslands Wildlife Area.  From the parking area, one can take the recommended Ocote Loop Trail for 2.6 miles circling the area or one can take the 0.8 mile road to an old homestead in the area.  The latter is an easier hike but the first gives an incredible overview and experience of these grassland habitats.


Back to Highway 260-East of Highway 373 to Eagar

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