Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Getting to Greenlee County

Getting to Greenlee County is usually a long drive for most birders in Arizona.  In this section, basic directions are going to be provided for three of the more well known places people tend to visit in the county.  Those three places are the towns of Duncan and Clifton, as well as the unincorporated community of Hannagan Meadow.  For the sections on the birding areas on this guide, directions will often be based on these three towns/communities as base locations for directions.


Getting to Duncan

From Phoenix:  From Phoenix, the drive to Duncan averages just over 200 miles and will usually take anywhere from 3.5 to 4 hours to arrive to Duncan.  Duncan is reached by taking the 1-10 East towards Tucson.  From 1-10 East, take the US 60 E towards Globe for 80.3 miles.  After 80.3 miles, take the US 70 E (also E Ash St at western limit) for 116 miles to Duncan.

From Tucson:  From Tucson, the drive to Duncan is roughly 164 miles, and is usually a 2.5 hour long drive.  Take the 1-10 E towards El Paso, for close to 90 miles.  Take exit 352 for from 1-10 E to merge onto US-191 North.  Follow US-191 North toward Safford for 32.5 miles.  After the 32.5 miles on US-191 N, take the US 70 East for 37 miles to Duncan. 


Getting to Clifton



Getting to Hannagan Meadow

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