Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Fountain Hills Storm Drainage Maps

*All maps owned by Google.

Map # 1:  Getting to the Fountain Hills Storm Drainage.

The Fountain Hills Storm Drainage is accessed just north of Fountain Hills Lake, so by following a few directions once reaching Fountain Hills Lake, the area may be accessed easily.  By using the intersection of Shea Blvd. and the Beeline Highway, there are two roads one may take that lead to good access points of the drainage.  One is Saguaro Blvd., which is located 0.5 miles west of the Shea Blvd. and Beeline Highway exit.  By taking Saguaro Blvd. north for 3.4 miles, the storm drainage will be reached.  At 2.8 miles is Fountain Hills Lake, and after another 0.5 miles one will come up on E Grande Blvd.  Very shortly after E Grande Blvd, one will cross the storm drainage.  The habitat that lies east of Saguaro Blvd is the best habitat of the drainage overall.  Parking in a nearby neighborhood street close to this spot is the best way to access the drainage.  Another way to access the drainage is by continuing west on Shea Blvd. past Saguaro Blvd. to Fountain Hills Blvd.  By taking Fountain Hills Blvd. north for 2.7 miles, the west end of the drainage may be met.  This is more recommended if one wants to cover the whole area.  By continuing north up Fountain Hills Blvd., the drainage is located just north of E Palisades Blvd.  There is good parking at a plaza just south of Palisades or north of the drainage on Ashbrook Drive.  Basic directions are included here, for a more in depth overview with good visuals, go to the Fountain Hills Storm Drainage Maps under the "Pages" section on this page.

Map # 2:  Fountain Hills Storm Drainage and Fountain Hills Lake close overview.

Map # 3:  A closer look at the two miles (a good closeup overview of the entire drainage)

Map # 4:  West access point to the drainage.

Map # 5:  East access point to the drainage.

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