Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Castle Hot Springs Road Maps

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Map # 1:  Access and overview of Castle Hot Springs Road.

Castle Hot Springs Road has two good access point.  The first and western access point would be from the US 60 (Grand Avenue).  Take this highway northwest and the turnoff to Castle Hot Springs Road will be between mile markers 121 and 122.  The second access point to the east side of Castle Hot Springs Road would be on Highway 74 (Carefree Highway).  Access Highway 74 by taking the I-17 Freeway north and taking the Highway 74 exit.  Then head west 11.5 miles on Highway 74 to Castle Hot Springs Road, which is also the road that accesses Lake Pleasant Regional Park.  Out of the 36 miles of Castle Hot Springs Road, 14.5 of it is in Maricopa County, 10 on the west side of the loop and 4.5 on the east side of the loop.

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