Tommy J. DeBardeleben

Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area Maps

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Map # 1: Overview of Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area

Lime-green line/paths: Birding paths and area to cover.  West of the bridge in the southern stretch of the area has excellent riverside habitat.  Following the road north that runs through the area is almost like an access point to the entire area.  All along the river is good for Least Bitterns and Clapper Rails.  Underneath the bridge has great birding.  Birding on the north part of the river along a nature trail on the west side of the bridge has a few patches of good habitat, with a lot of tamarisk.

Blue cars:  Show where pulloffs are to access the parking areas.  The parking area at the south is the better parking option, which is located by the entrance to the PIR Stadium.


Map # 2: Alternative route to Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area from 91st and Broadway

If at Tres Rios, the Baseline and Meridian Wildlife Area is very closeby and it's a good choice to cover both areas in an outing.  From Broadway and 91st, turn left (west) on Broadway and go to 99th Avenue.  Take 99th Avenue south to Southern Avenue, and Southern Avenue west to 115th Avenue.  Once at 115th Avenue head south a short distance past the long 115th Avenue bridge.  The parking area is east after the bridge on the turnoff to the PIR Stadium.  Park at the gate and bird from there.


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